I went to North Carolina for the weekend and when I came back it was winter again.

These pictures, however, were taken in 2010. Heh.

A slice of Winter Prairie

Winter weeds

Garfield Park

So bittersweet to find Lauren in these negatives. Sniff. After I was just texting her yesterday asking when I would be able to see her and Peto!!

Laughing Lauren

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Winter just keeps on keeping on.

Today 3

Today 4

Today 5

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More pretty winter for ya.

The steam rolling off Lake Michigan was epic.

Hot lake on a cold day.

Yesterday, lakeside.

I love the frozen winter harbor.

I love the frozen winter harbor.

A half formed stone monument? A square snowman?

Ah, my favorite subject, lonely trees.

The steam rolling off the lake.

I put up a vid of the lake if you're interested.

Laters, peeps.

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Winter, yer so pretty.

New Years Eve.

I love how the branches up top drop out and it's like the tree is sending a lasso out into the sky.

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Year of making...almost nothing.

Yup, I only finished 8 things in 2013. (With a few random quilt blocks thrown in here and there, not represented here since they didn't actually amount to a THING.)

Finished in 2013.

One quilt which was done in JANUARY so basically a year ago, two cowls, one skirt, one T shirt of questionable fit, and three dresses, one of questionable fit. Truly sad.

1. NewBee Green quilt is done!!!, 2. Second finish for 2013! Crappy pictures of another finished cowl, 3. Chunktastic Cowl #4, 4. New skirt Thursday., 5. Butterfly Staple Dress, 6. Washi dress finished FINALLY., 7. Fairly wearable Scout Muslin #2 (knit version), 8. Staple dress #2

SIGH. You know, when you finish a LOT of stuff people always ask you where you find the time. Well, you just do. It's here and there and everywhere and honestly yes I had a busy year and yes I had a lot of stress and I taught summer school so I basically had 10 days off total all summer long but STILL... There were plenty of times when I was doing nothing, for hours. Plenty of times I could have been doing stuff.

Oh well. I guess I was just too tired. Hoping for better in 2014.

I started a scarfy thing for a friend:

Trillian begins.

I made one tiny sweater for Truly's stuffed rabbit and I have another underway:

Tiny Rabbit Sweater!

And I really really REALLY need to get back to work on this since it's from a swap that ended probably over a year ago!! I SUCK.

5.5 episodes of Veronica Mars = 9 paper pieced hearts.Two episodes of Southland, four letters, or 1 June.

And I'm hoping to make it through a few quilts, maybe these to start?

1) Herd of Hedgehogs
a 9-patch that needs a backing and to be quilted obviously
Pinking it up.

2) Interlocked
all cut but needs to be sewn together, backed, quilted
I know you all picked the all-solid red option...

3) Swoon
1 block made, 8 more blocks to go...
Swoon #1: super drama mama (summer 38)

We'll see. I pretty much never end up working on the thing I intend to be working on, so...

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Peace Out, 2013.

This was really a quote about Christmas, but it actually applies to all of life.

The choice is ours to make, how we live into the possibilities of Christmas.

Here's to better choices in 2014. Bring it on, possibility.

hblad 62: 'Blad Bokeh.

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RIP Bella Schmella Schmoo.

My friend Carrie's dog Bella died yesterday and I'm oh so so so very sad about this, I couldn't even express to you how much. I loved her very dearly.

Spotlight on Bella

Bella ponders her kingdom.

Bella streeeeeeetch.

Bella scared.

Bella Schmella Schmoo

She was super camera shy as you may have been able to tell but I'm so glad I took her picture anyway.

33/52 me & Bella, cuddlin' on the couch

I'll miss you sweet sweet girl.

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