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NaBloPoMo 2: Some recommendations

I watched a very fun movie while I cooked, washed dishes, and graded last night: Life Partners (streaming on Netflix). It wasn't an amazingly great movie or an award-winner or a blow your mind movie--but it was a sweet lovely movie about friendships and how to nurture and maintain them and how to repair them when they blow up. It reminded me mood-wise a lot of Imagine Me & You, a dearly loved flick in this house.

I started a great book today: "The Glass Sentence" by S.E. Grove, which so far is pretty spectacular. It all takes place in a different version of our world, a version where there was some sort of disruption that ripped time out of balance and now different parts of the world are in different times. For example, the time the heroine lives in 1891 and has 20-hour days/clocks. Another area is stuck in 1700. There are all kinds of super cool images and ideas in here (the mental maps are SO COOL!). It's very much about map making and adventure while at the same time it's about rejecting the "other" and jingoism and immigration and all kinds of issues I've been trying to talk with my kiddos (aka students) this year.

I had a rootbeer float tonight with a hastily gulped down Chicken Betty (sandwich) at the world's tiniest M. Burger when I tried to go to my acupuncture appointment but it turned out my acupuncturist had left early with a family emergency. Sigh. So I'm no less stressed than I was earlier but my float was delicious.

So there you, go: a movie, a book, and go get yourself a root beer float and I feel I've added a lot of possibilities to your life this evening. What more could you want? :) #heh

Also, here, this picture:

Lovely evening in Chitown.

Good night!

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