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NaBloPoMo 3: oh boy oh boy

Never take a class while you are also full-time teaching (or full-time anything probably!). For a while I had a great system going on, Friday afternoon into evening finish lesson plans for the next week, Saturday morning do all my reading and writing for my Wednesday night class, then move on to grading, blah blah blah etc.

Oh except for how I'm trying to catch up on grades so I COMPLETELY FORGOT that I have this class I have to do homework for and now uh oh my class is tomorrow night and I have 50 pages of reading to do (and a response to write afterward). Oh and I have to interview someone in the BIL program at my school for the paper I have due next week and actually I was supposed to interview her this morning AND I FORGOT because OMG I cannot keep anything together in my personal life right now!

I never know the date, I just know "tomorrow is X day on this set of lesson plans, do I have everything I need? Yup, OK" and move on. So I missed a concert I had tickets to (couldn't have spared the time to go anyway), I just paid three bills late (OMG WHUT) not because I didn't have the money but because I just put them in a pile and then FORGOT THEY EXISTED, and now I've just gotten my apartment tidied up and I must go do all my own homework before *hopefully* getting more of my students' work graded although let's be serious, that's extremely unlikely to happen tonight.

Where is the personal assistant to keep my own life on track? All I can keep track of is my school stuff (and given that I'm so far behind on grading, how much track am I keeping of that anyway!), everything else is just falling to the wayside. (Does this happen every year? Maybe. But I do think changing to a new grade level has knocked some of my fourth-year teacher stability off its rack.)


Posted by Duff at November 3, 2015 07:34 PM


Has it really been four years? Sorry life is crazy for you right now! Hope you can find some time to catch your breath a bit!

Posted by: Sarah at November 4, 2015 08:37 PM

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