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NaBloPoMo 3: Another lovely swap.

If you didn't read my post yesterday, please do. If you have $6 to spare, I've got a way for you to use it!! And THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who's already chimed in and sent me books and $$!! And also one of them said to tell you that the book I'm asking for is part of a 4 for 3 promotion right now so SAY you wanted to spend more than $6, you can get $5 for $25 or something crazy like that. I appreciate each and every book / $6, I assure you!

In today's continuing saga of swaps of loveliness, my UK friend Monica (as opposed to my Chitown/US friend Monica) and I decided to make each other mug rugs. Except, ahem, so far she's the only one to make one so far but I swear I'll get it on its way over the ocean before December! I will!

Check out this lovely mug rug and HELLO does she know my colors or what?!? :)

Why hello my pretty.

This is the mug rug I keep on my desk so I get to see it each and every time I sit down at the computer. I've got a mug resting on it right now, in fact!

flickr 002

OK now I have REALLY got to go GRADE!!! A teacher's work is NEVER done, I can tell you that for sure!

Thanks again to all you lovely people for helping me buy these books to give my students. I'm so excited to give them something to remember me by! :)

Posted by Duff at November 3, 2011 04:18 PM


Those colors are great!

Posted by: Sarah b. at November 3, 2011 06:23 PM


glad you like it!

Posted by: monica at November 4, 2011 07:49 AM

oh man - that mug rug is a total score! super cute.

Posted by: leo at November 4, 2011 09:51 AM

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