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December 31, 2004

Duff's Favorite Albums 2004

Favorite Albums of the Year

1. Green Day "American Idiot" Genius. Listen to it over and over again. Making a REAL protest. Standing up for what you believe. Telling it like it is. Punk rock adults.
2. Damien Rice "B-Sides" Well, if an EP is all we can get, it'll have to do. Beautiful. Understated. Trembling.
3. DJ DangerMouse "The Grey Album" Genius. Better than either of the albums it pulls together. (Yes, I love the Beatles. But that's not my favorite of theirs.)
4. Garden State Soundtrack Great music from a great movie. Lots of fun.
5. The Shins "Chutes Too Narrow" Listened to this nonstop for about two months. Saw them in concert. Bunch of goofballs. This album is just plain fun.
6. The Killers "Hot Fuss" Rock'n'roll. Can't get these songs out of my head.
7. Scissor Sisters (self-titled) Disco lives again. Self aware, unafraid, putting it all out there.
8. The Hold Steady "Almost Killed Me" Thanks to Cari for clueing me in to this band. You'll see them listed in Rolling Stone as one of the best bands you didn't know about this year.
9. Ray Lamontagne "Trouble" In the Damien Rice mode. But has his own things to say. Heart-wrenching. Calm, yet not quiet.
10. And tied for the final spot are: Eminem "Encore" and U2 "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Sure, Encore is shockingly juvenile in some spots, and Atomic Bomb is all rock-anthem love songs. So what? What's your point? Did you make a better album than these? Yeah, I didn't think so!

Favorite Singles
"Winter" Joshua Radin Ouch.
"Wash Away" Joe Purdy Ah, the ocean.
"Love Like That" Stew Lie on the couch and tell me you love me. Seriously, is that too much to ask?
"Worn Me Down" Rachael Yamagata Can she really be as worn down as I am?
"Just Lose It" Eminem Fuck W and everything he stands for.
"Mosh" Eminem Who else can rap like this?
"Empty Apartment" Yellowcard Acoustic version is quite nice.
"Broken" Seether, featuring Amy Lee When is Evanescence going to make a real new album? Guess this'll have to last me till then. (No, "live" does not count.)

Runners Up
Snow Patrol "Final Straw" "Run" is a great, great, great fucking song.
Jet "Get Born" Pure rock'n'roll.
Arcade Fire "Funeral" Along the lines of "The Hold Steady." Still getting to know this one.
Metric "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?" About as "electronic" as I get. Check it out.
The Finn Brothers "Everyone Is Here" Their best effort in years, including Neil's solo stuff. Makes me miss Crowded House all over again.

Listened to Lots
Chronic Future "Lines in My Face" Rap-rock combo. Surprising.
Franz Ferdinand (self-titled) Dance, dance, dance.

Guilty Pleasures
John Mellencamp "Words & Music: Greatest Hits" What can I say? It's an all-night sing-along.
Eminem "Encore" I can't help it. I just can't.

Don't Really Understand the Hype
Modest Mouse "Good News for People Who Love Bad News" Got this album. Saw them live. Eh. They're OK.
Iron & Wine "Our Endless Numbered Days" Surprised I don't like this more. But it just doesn't grab me.
Interpol "Antics" Better than their first. But I STILL spend more time thinking about who they sound LIKE when I listen to them than I do actually listening to them.
Wilco "A Ghost Is Born" I actually didn't buy this album. I've never understood the Wilco hype. I always think I should be listening to them. But I never can.
Loretta Lynn "Van Lear Rose" Jack White's weird. There are some neat things here, but never enough to keep me focused on it.

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