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I've got about three weeks of summer left.

And while I had big ideas about all the craft projects I would work on this summer...what I actually did instead was conduct a massive purge / reorganization of my apartment. Which, yes, was a long-time coming...but still. I was feeling kinda bummed about my lack of creative projects this year so far. And then I realized that, hello, until this summer, I actually DID work on a creative project once a week all year long! My Project Life album!!!

It is really silly how happy working on this makes me. So last night I realized I had let myself fall about 7 weeks behind (the last page I finished was from the last week of school!), and sat down and BAM just like that I did 4 weeks in a row. Wow. Feeling so much better. and you know, ever so slightly creative. :)

I worked on pages from weeks 25 and 26 when I saw many (MANY) of my cousins in two different locales, as well as my parents

Week 25, page 1

Week 25, page 2

Week 26, page 1

Then a sort of hybrid week (part of vacation fell in week 26 and part in week 27). I am going to add some journaling on that 4x6 card later.

Week 26 / Week 27

And the two weeks at home after that

Week 27

Week 28

I still have three more weeks to catch up on but I'm loving this album so much, I'm so glad I decided to do this project this year. Although....I am a little worried about how full my album is getting. Too many times I decided to do an insert page! Or too many embellishments? Who knows, but I am determined to fit in all in one so it may be QUITE chubby by year-end. We'll see.

OH and I did back and baste this quilt top that was pieced back in... 2012 (GASP)

Pinking it up.

So I'm hoping to quilt that later this week, as well as quilt up a mini quilt I made my friend Bertha that started in 2013

5.5 episodes of Veronica Mars = 9 paper pieced hearts.

Two episodes of Southland, four letters, or 1 June.

Just need to back and baste that one and then hopefully I can knock out the quilting on it also!

So while I feel like on the one hand I've done NOTHING but teach all year...there are some creative bits starting to creep out here and again. Maybe I can maintain a better balance this next school year. MAYBE. *Fingers crossed*

Posted by Duff at August 5, 2014 07:22 PM


I love the album. It's a grand idea and you're doing a splendid job on it. I'm glad you're keeping it up, even when you get crazy busy.

Love the pics of you in foils!

Posted by: silvia at August 6, 2014 11:10 PM

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